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Earn points for completing any sporting event, regardless of how or where you submit your event entry.

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Participate in any national or international sporting events and earn up to 1500 base fitness points:

Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Canoeing,
Triathlon, Duathlon, Adventure Racing, Swimming.

Follow these easy steps:
  • Activate your Points Profile for an annual administration fee of £ 10.
    This will ensure that has all your personal details to cross-reference your PruHealth membership number with the official confirmation that you have completed an event.

  • Participate in any event.
    You can earn points for any event, regardless of how or where you submit your event entry.

  • Submit official confirmation of completion of the event by using the "Claims Points" process on

Because you can earn points for any event, you will need to use the "Claim Points" process to inform that you have participated in and completed an event*.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on activating your points profile and claiming points, click on the "Step-by-step guide" link in the left hand navigator under the "PruHealth" heading.

Points structure

Earn 1500 points through

  • 50 points for any short distance event
  • 100 points for any longer distance event

    Less than 50 km = 50
    50 km and more = 100
    Sprint distance and less = 50
    Standard distance and more = 100
    Sprint = 50
    Standard and more = 100
    Less than 20 km = 50
    20 km and more = 100
    Mountain Biking
    Less than 25 km = 50
    25 km and more = 100
    Less than 4 km = 50
    4 km and more = 100
    Adventure racing
    Sprint series and more = 100
    1 Day race (40 km) and more = 100
    2+ days = 100

    What you need to remember
    • The "Claim Points" function only becomes available once you have paid your annual administration fee of £10.
    • points will only be allocated for events completed after the Points Profile activation date (i.e. after you have paid the £10 annual administration fee.)
    • Separate points profiles should be activated for principle member and spouse.
    • will inform PruHealth that you have successfully completed an event and PruHealth will allocate your Vitality points within four weeks.
    • *If you have activated your Points Profile, and you enter an event using the event registration facility rather than an alternative registration channel, it will not be necessary to use the "Claim Points" function; you will automatically be allocated your Vitality points when you complete the event.
    • Visit PruHealth at for more info!

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